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Combined form of the Construction Team:
Bonecrusher, Duststorm, Sledge, Steamhammer & Wideload

Series: Energon
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Powerlinx Combiner
Year: 2005

Robot Mode: In robot mode all five Constructicons are roughly the same size (a good thing in my mind, not as with some G1 combiners), despite the fact that Steamhammer, the leader and centerpiece of their gestalt modus, is quite a bit more massive than the others. All five have decent posability and their looks aren't half-bad. Thanks to the different colour schemes it's hard to notice at first glance that the four smaller team members are really just two molds. I only have two small complaints about the robot modes of the Constructicons. One, I think they should have stuck with making all of them roughly the same colour as with the original Constructicons. And second, Duststorm and Wideload are missing their left arms, having the long cranes instead. Even with their Energon claws applied at the end that doesn't look quite right. They should have gotten real arms and the crane should have gone on the back or something. All in all, though, good robots. A decent team.

Alternate Mode: All five Constructicons transform into (you guessed it) construction vehicles. Steamhammer becomes a huge power shovel, Duststorm and Wideload become crane vehicles, and Bonecrusher and Sledge become Bulldozers. The fact that the four smaller team members share just two molds between them becomes very apparent here. All five (or really three) vehicles offer some play value. The cranes can extend, swivel, and bend. The bulldozer shovels can rise and bend as well. Steamhammer has a fully posable shovel and can twist on his tracks. Decent vehicle modes overall.

Combiner Mode: The Constructicons combine into the huge gestalt robot named ... not Devastator for some reason, but Constructicon Maximus. What's in a name, they say, but it still bugs me a bit. Anyway, Maximus has good posability and you are almost at complete liberty concerning with smaller team member becomes which limb. The only limitation here is that neither Bonecrusher nor Sledge can become the left arm, as their shovels collide with Steamhammer's. If you must you do it, but it doesn't look good. To add some dynamic to the gestalt you should mix and match, meaning not use two identical members for the legs and arms respectively. But do your own thing. Anyway, Maximus is a good combiner, close enough in looks to G1 Devastator to be a clear homage, yet retaining his own character. The only thing that bothers me a bit is the absence of real hands, but that is a problem shared by all Energon combiners and one I can overlook. All in all, a good combiner.

Remarks: The G1 Constructicons were the first Transformers who could combine and when the time came for the Energon combiners, it was a given that one of them would be a homage to the original gestalt team. They didn't feature that prominently in the cartoon series, but the toy is quite good. It does have some minor flaws, but nothing serious to drag it down. Of the three Energon combiners I consider it to be the middle one, quality-wise. So if you're a sucker for gestalt teams like me, you can't go wrong with this one.

Rating: B-
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