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with Drill Bit

Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Leader
Year: 2006

Massive, quiet, and extremely protective of his home and its inhabitants, Metroplex is a kind, wise leader of his people. His huge size and quiet ways mask a swift intelligence capable of analyzing the most sophisticated difficulties and arriving at a course of action in seconds., though some have made the mistake of thinking him slow and stupid. He was, at one time, an eager and hideously dangerous warrior who developed his soft-spoken and carefully considered demeanor in an attempt to leave that part of himself behind. Because of this Metroplex is slow to anger, but when he converts to combat mode he becomes one of the most fearsome opponents any Transformer has ever faced.

Robot Mode: Metroplex actually has two distinct robot modes. The first and smaller one (called basic mode in this review) makes him about the size of Optimus Prime in supermode. He looks stocky and powerful, but still retains quite a bit of posability. The detailing, especially in the legs, is more suited towards the bigger mode, so the legs look somewhat plain here. In this mode he is a bit too short to effectively wield his massive weapon, the tail end keeps dragging on the floor. Still, a good mode.

The second and bigger mode (super mode for this review) is more to my liking, though. No longer stocky, Metroplex is now very tall and relatively slender. The legs are much longer and so is the torso area. The arms remain the same length, but somehow manage not to look out of proportion in either mode. In this mode his weapon, a staff with a buzzsaw mounted on top, which can open up into a kind of sceptre, is of perfect height for him to wield and he looks great doing it. His posability here is slightly better even than in basic mode, mostly because the legs are less stocky. Where the basic mode is pretty good, this mode is great.

Alternate Mode: Usually the really big robots have pretty silly alternate modes, either becoming futuristic bases / cities of some sort (few of them recognisable as such) or really strange vehicles. Metroplex falls into the latter category. His alternate mode is a kind of construction vehicle, a mish-mash of various maschines. The front has plows like two bulldozers, there is a power shovel on top, and you have the big buzzsaw sticking out the back. The whole thing is on tank threads. Drill-Bit can attach to any of the numerous Minicon pegs or ride on the shovel in gun mode. The vehicle doesn't look that bad, but it's clearly the worst of Metroplex' modes. That, and if you look at it from the side there is no mistaking that it's actually a robot. It looks like Metroplex sitting on his butt and pulling his knees to his chest while resting on his elbows. Leave the guy in robot mode.

Partner / Add-Ons: Metroplex comes with Drill-Bit, a rather generic Minicon. He looks a lot like Clench from Armada. Drill-Bit can transform from robot into an armed buggy of sorts or become a weapon to attach to any of the numerous Minicon pegs Metroplex has.

Remarks: Metroplex was the leader of the Giant Planet Transformers in the Cybertron cartoon and introduced himself by smashing Megatron to bits in a matter of minutes. Of course that only caused Megatron's transformation into Galvatron, who then kicked Metroplex' skidplate, but that is another story. Metroplex is a pretty good robot. What I like especially is that he can transform from a basic robot mode into a supermode without any powerlinking involved. I'm not sure we've seen something like that before. Okay, his vehicle mode is pretty forgettable, but the robot is really great. Metroplex also gains some bonus points from me for being the first Cybertron Transformer to arrive in German toy stores, the first of the line that I didn't have to import. Recommended to any Cybertron fan who can afford his hefty price tag.

Rating: B+


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