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Series: Revenge of the Fallen
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Scout
Year: 2010

Scattorshot usually finds surprise attacks upsetting, if only because they interrupt whatever careful planning he's laid out. Chaos bugs him like nothing else, and nothing is as chaotic as an unplanned battle. Still, he can't help but laugh as Divebomb helplessly dodges his fire. Little does he suspect, but a second Decepticon is sneaking up on him from behind.

Review by Caked-Up:

Robot Mode: By my math this is the third truck monkey in the Movie franchise (Stockade and Gears before him). The most prominent feature you will notice is the kibble around his face. It is the bed of the pickup just hanging there with the exhaust pipes framing his face. His face is very much that of a gorilla, a helmet forming most of the head, and a breather piece in making the exaggerated lips. There are some hash marks on each side of the helmet that accentuate the cheeks. His head does turn, but again the kibble is in the way.

The chest is muscular looking with sculpted details, but it is mostly hidden behind the truck bed kibble. His limbs are a mixed bag as well for me due to odd kibble placement and proportions. The arms are lanky, but have the armored panels hanging from the forearms. His rifles are affixed to the arms, but the rear of the rifle is just a tad long and they tend to interfere with the elbow. His feet are just as strange. The legs themselves are proportionate, but his shin kibble is huge. The toes are really small, but the overall footprint is stable.

Overall the sum of his parts makes for a tough and capable robot. He has numerous joints throughout his body that make it easy to do a lot dynamic poses.

Alternate Mode: His vehicle mode is that of a large F-Series Ford pick-up truck, but one that has seen a military retrofit. Aside from the obvious anti-aircraft guns on the top, there are some beefed-up armor panels and other molding to simulate armor. Finally, you can’t miss the mine plow bursting from the front. It has a cluttered look you would expect from a military vehicle but it still looks good. A few touches of paint to accent the tail lights and “equipment” on the top would have gone a long way for overall appearance. Speaking of paint, the roof (upper arms) is painted with a slightly brighter blue than that of the truck. I am color blind and I can tell something is amiss.

The bed isn’t really useful, but it has more “space” than Voyager Ironhide. Unfortunately you can see the hands poking out of the back windows and the elbow joints through the roof. His guns rotate 180 degrees and reach about 80 degrees up with 0 degrees down. This adds to the play value more than most scout class figures. Even when tweaked appropriately, the mold just doesn’t seem to fit right at all of the panel junctions.

Key Transformation Points:
1. Ensure that you push the hands into the back window to reduce their visibility.
2. His legs will actually sink in to the chassis while in vehicle mode, clearing away some kibble.
3. His guns will tab into his hands when in robot mode to clear any confusion.

Conclusion: Scattorshot is another fine example of what a transformer toy should be. He has a good robot mode with guns and lots of posability and a vehicle mode that does more than roll without having needless gimmicks (Cyber keys still bother me). He does need a few more paint applications to both of his modes to really get him to shine. Still for the size and cost of the figure you get your moneys worth.

Rating: B


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