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Series: Energon
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Basic Terrorcon
Year: 2004

What my claws don't destroy my teeth will!
Battle Ravage is a ferocious member of the Terrorcon race. Incapable of emotion, he knows no mercy. In robot mode, he attacks its enemies with a relentless arsenal of powerful Energon weapons. In cougar mode, beware of his Energon-eating jaws and powerful mace tail. Created and unleashed by Unicron, Battle Ravage is sure to give the Autobots a hard time.

Robot Mode: A basic-sized robot, Battle Ravage features good detailing and posability for his weight class. The hands bug me a bit, or rather the folded back beast mode claws do, but that's the only minor flaw he has. Okay, and the head doesn't look too hot, but apart from that he's looking pretty cool. His large Energon weapon can either be combined into a big, G1 Megatron-style gun, or used separately as two weapons that can fit onto his shoulders. A decent robot mode.

Beast Mode: Battle Ravage transforms into cougar. The transformation isn't terribly difficult and the resulting beast looks very much like the robot, but still makes a decent animal. The hands / forepaws still bug me a bit, but apart from that I have no complaints about this mode. His morning-star tail and fully posable beast-head are nice details and he can use his Energon weapons in this mode as well. The posability is also quite good, resulting in a very decent beast mode.

Partners / Add-Ons: Like all basic-sized Terrorcons Battle Ravage comes with an Energon star that can fit onto pretty much every other Energon toy out there as a power boost. His Energon weapons can also be used by other Transformers from the Energon line.

Remarks: One of the Terrorcon drones, this figure appeared in massive numbers in the Energon cartoon. It doesn't really have anything to do with the classic G1 Ravage, they simply reused the name for a cat-like beast Transformer. For a basic-sized toy Battle Ravage is pretty good with only very few flaws and a solid design. Not a classic, but definitely a good figure to bulk up your Decepticon forces.

Rating: B

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