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Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Scout
Year: 2005

Cruel and predatory, Undermine serves as a scout and spy for Scourge, unquestioned ruler of the Jungle Planet. He enjoys hunting and will often toy with his prey before moving in to rip out its power source with his powerful fangs. Silent, cunning, and all but impossible to sneak up on, Undermine is possibly the greatest hunter the universe has ever seen. The only reason you haven't heard about him before now is that none of his prey have survived long enough to talk about it.

Robot Mode: Undermine has a very interesting looking robot mode, mostly because his head looks very much inhuman. It's the crest from his dinosaur mode and besides the eyes he has little one could recognise as human features. The detailing is also pretty good on him and his posability, while not spectacular adheres to the high standard of modern Transformers figures. What bugs me a little is that his only weapon is his dinosaur tail. In my opinion every Transformer needs a gun. But that's just me. Using the Cyberkey Undermine can flip out a ramming blade from his head. It looks ridiculous, truth to tell, and I really don't like that gimmick. Then again, it looks better here than in beast mode. Anyway, Undermine is a good-looking robot with a bad gimmick and a bad weapon.

Beast Mode: Undermine transforms into a dinosaur. Don't ask me exactly what species, I have no idea. I saw pictures of this kind of dinosaur with the large crest on the back before, but the name escapes me. Anyway, the beast mode isn't bad-looking, but my main problem with it is that it hardly looks any different than the robot mode. Basically Undermine folds his hands in front of his head and that's it. You can still clearly see his robot head in this mode. Granted, the fact that it has nearly no humanoid features works to his advantage here. Still, not the best beast mode ever. Oh, and the ramming blade gimmick looks even stupider here than in robot mode.

Remarks: Undermine made but a brief appearance in the cartoon as one of Scourge's / Flame Convoy's henchmen. Leaving aside the miserable Cyberkey gimmick he's not a bad figure, but neither is he particularly outstanding or in any way spectacular. So all he gets from me is a solid average.

Rating: C

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