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Series: Beast Wars Neo
Allegiance: Destron
Categories: Basic
Year: 1999

Dead End is a model soldier who loves battle. Being cool and solitary of temperament, he doesn't care for joint operations. His cruelty is such that he can bring his enemy to a halt with the Spiral Bomb attack, which launches the shell off his right shoulder, then smile as he delivers the final blow with his Dead Gun.

Robot Mode: It doesn’t take long to realize that Dead End here – much like quite a few other Beast Wars Neo figures – is a shellformer. He carries most of his beast mode on his shoulders in the form of two half-shells, the only part of his robot mode that becomes part of the beast mode is the ammonite head that forms his chest. The rest of him is a very lean, nicely articulated robot, colored white, purple, and gold, and looking sufficiently pissed for a bad guy.

Dead End carries a two-pronged‘Dead Gun’ (missing, see below) and can fire what is probably the largest missile ever (at least proportionally), namely the half-shell connected to his right shoulder. And… yeah, that’s pretty much it. A nice Basic-sized robot with a very unusual configuration.

Beast Mode: Dead End transforms into a piece of peppermint candy... well, actually it’s supposed to be an ammonite (lat. Ammonoidea), an extinct species of marine animal, but really, it’s a peppermint candy with a snail head looking out from it. The transformation as such basically consists of Dead End rolling into a ball and closing the half-shells around himself, done. The finished animal doesn’t really offer much in the way of play value. It sits there for looking at, that’s it. Not a bad beast mode as such, but not terribly exciting, either.

Missing Parts: I’m missing Dead End’s ‘Dead Gun’, a tuning-fork like weapon that attached under his beast head as additional tenticles.

Remarks: Beast Wars Neo featured some of the most original beast designs of the entire Transformers franchise, including a giraffe, a bunny rabbit, a penguin, a raccoon dog with actual testicles and... a peppermint candy. Well, an ammonite, but really, you look at this thing, and it’s a peppermint candy. I can’t really tell you much about Dead End’s role in the BWN TV series, but the only reason this toy isn’t known as the ultimate shellformer is that Break takes it one step further. Still, Dead End is an average Transformer at best and I can only recommend him to Beast Wars completists like myself.

Rating: C-
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