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Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Scout Terrorcon
Year: 2006

This is only one of billions of mindless Terrorcon drones that infest Cybertron and hundreds of other worlds. Mutated by the exposure to the power of Unicron, these creatures live only to breed - devouring entire worlds for materials used in the construction of their offspring. The containment and destruction of Scrapmetal vermin is one of the key objectives of the Autobot mission, because even just one Scrapmetal left functioning can destroy a planet.

Remarks: For the full review of this excellent figure check out Scrapmetal Red. The two figures are identical except for the colour. In order to differentiate them a bit I switsched the shoulders around on this one, he now has his weapon on the left shoulder in robot mode instead of on the right, but you can swivel that as you please. I'm not usually a fan of recolours, but the Scrapmetal design is very good and so I'm gonna try and get the blue one, too, to make a full set. Oh, and Scrapmetal Yellow is the 350th figure to join my collection, so he gets an extra round of applause for that. Recommended to all Transformers fans.

Rating: A-

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