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Series: Titanium
Allegiance: Autobot
Year: 2007

Before the Great War between the Autobots and the Decepticons broke out, Jetfire was a partner and friend to Starscream. The two were as close as brothers; the one calm, rational, and slow to anger as the other was jealous, erratic, and arrogant. When Starscream joined the Decepticons in attacking the Autobot held cities of Cybertron, Jetfire was slow to choose sides. He was hesitant to join the slaughter of the largely defenseless Autobots, but did not want to take up arms against someone he'd considered a friend.

When the full extent of the treachery of the Decepticons became clear however, Jetfire joined the Autobots without reservation. The anger he felt at his betrayal by Starscream never waned. He fought his former friend at every turn. The sky over many a battlefield filled with fire as the two master fliers engaged in dog fight after dog fight, neither ever completely destroying the other.

Robot Mode: In robot mode Jetfire closely resembles the way he appeared in Dreamwave's War Within: The Dark Ages series. Unlike the G1 Original, the cockpit of the jet mode sits on the arm instead of forming the middle of the torso. The legs are pretty similar, though, and he also has wings on his back. Look-wise he is pretty good, but the design has some weaknesses. Main one is that the wings on the back detach and the connection isn't the most stable ever. Still, Jetfire has a cool look and his posability, while not spectacular, is decent, so the bottom line is: Pretty good.

Vehicle Mode: Jetfire transforms into a futuristic-looking fighter jet. Not sure if it's based on any actual model. You can flip the wings, have them either point forward or backward, your choice. The wing module, which is pretty loose on Jetfire's robot back, locks up pretty well here, making the whole jet very solid. Landing gear is included. A good, solid jet mode without any unnecessary gimmicks. No complaints.

Remarks: The long and complicated history of the Jetfire / Skyfire figure in Transformers history can safely be ignored here. This is Jetfire as he appeared in War Within and he is a pretty good figure. The design has some weaknesses in robot mode, but the jet mode is great and overall this figure is well worth getting.

Rating: B

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