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Series: Universe
Subline: Robot Heroes - G1 Series
Year: 2009

Description: What we have here is yet another pairing that makes absolutely no sense. Not only did Ricochet never appear in the G1 cartoon or comics (he was a Japan-exclusive repaint of Jazz), he certainly never squared off against Predaking, who, as a combiner, would be about five times his size. But here they are, so let's not complain and move on. As the original Ricochet was a repaint of Jazz, so is Robot Heroes Ricochet a repaint of Robot Heroes Jazz. Only makes sense. He looks okay, but I certainly didn't buy the set because of him.

The one I really wanted was, of course, Predaking, whom I still consider the best combining robot ever. Of course the Robot Heroes version can't split into his component robots (though that would have been awesome), but he's still a very good and cute likeness of the baddest gestalt robot there ever was. He has Predaking's sword, big arm gun, the wings, and all five animal heads are where they should be as well. So one of my all-time favourite Transformers is incarnated pretty much perfectly as a Robot Hero. Now if only he wasn't paired with such a bland, boring Jazz repaint... oh well. I still give this package an A for Predaking alone.

Rating: A
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