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Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Ultra
Year: 2005

Awesomely powerful and incredibly intelligent, Dark Scorponok was once widely feared by Decepticons and Autobots alike, until his chassis was destroyed by Megatron. His mind and memory shattered, only partially operational and powered by the might of Unicron - some of which he managed to absorb - he hungers for a return to full functionality. Even in his partially destroyed state, his mech-venom sting and super-strong claws are a threat to all but the most powerful beings, and his return heralds a new era of fear for all who stand in his way.

Remarks: Dark Scorponok is a repaint with some minor design changes of Energon Scorponok. Since I've already reviewed both the original as well as the Botcon repaint Double Punch, I'll keep this relatively short. Dark Scorponok has a (you guessed it) darker paintjob than his predecessor Energon Scorponok. His tail was also modified to include a Cyberkey slot. Otherwise he is the same figure with two excellent and one rather weak mode (the jet mode). I like his paint job a tad better than that of the original, but it still pales compared to the sheer awesomeness of Double Punch's.

Dark Scorponok's sole in-media appearance was in the "Balancing Act" comic published by the Transformers Collectors Club. After having been killed by Megatron in Energon, Scorponok was revived by the dark energies of the Unicron singularity as a spark-eating zombie. He was one of numerous Transformers who got to beat up Sentinel Maximus before being destroyed by Cybertron's automated defenses. As a toy Dark Scorponok is nothing more and nothing less than a Scorponok repaint, the added Cyberkey slot doesn't really make it any worse or better. Bottom line: an excellent mold, you should own at least one version. No real need for all three, though, unless you're a maniac like me.

Rating: B+

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