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Series: Movie
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Voyager
Year: 2007

Megatron was made a monster. From the very day he first came online, his eye has been on a single goal - the domination of the universe. More than any of the other Transformers he is a true robot - knowing no pain, pleasure or passion except that which leads him towards his destiny. To him, other beings are simply tools to be used until they are broken. Those that serve him well and long may find themselves rewarded, but the moment they fail, they will be discarded. Lying frozen for centuries has left him only that much more determined. He will be victorious, and those in his way are little more than stepping stones on his path to conquest.

Robot Mode: Megatron looks pretty much like his bigger cousin in robot mode, with a few noteable exceptions. He carries a weapons pod only on one arm, he has ice applications all over his body, and his wings are almost entirely made of ice. Posability is pretty good and the detailing is okay, too. Resemblance to the Movie character is good as well. Gimmick-wise Megatron can shoot a missile from the pod on his left arm and spread his icy wings. So all in all a decent robot mode.

Vehicle Mode: Once again Megatron becomes an interstellar jet. The jet does look quite a bit different than it does for the leader version, though. It is longer, a bit more streamlined-looking. You can either keep the wings short and stubby or spread them, but since the tips are only made of ice, that does look a bit strange. One problem both versions of Megatron have, you can see the robot mode head in jet mode. Here it is more or less covered by one of the ice applications, but not really. Bottom line, a decent jet mode, but with the same problems the larger version has.

Remarks: I'm not really sure whether or not I like the idea behind this toy. Megatron was frozen in ice for centuries and when you first see him in the movie, he is still covered in ice. So this figure contains parts that are meant to be ice. Okay, the idea isn't bad, but the execution could have been better. Why are Megatron's wings completely made of ice, for example? Anyway, this smaller version of the Decepticon leader isn't a bad figure, but offers little what the Leader version hasn't already accomplished. The transformation is a bit easier, that's pretty much the only real difference. So if you want a Movie Megatron, take your pick, but pick but one. There is no real reason to get both.

Rating: B
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