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Series: Universe
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2003

Remarks: This is the fourth version of this mold that I’m reviewing. I did both the original, Beast Machines Jetstorm and its first repaint RID Storm Jet back in 2005 and added RID Jhiaxus in 2012. So there really isn’t a whole lot I can say about the mold that I haven’t already said, so just some words on the differences here. Skywarp, unsurprisingly, comes in the black and purple colors of G1 Skywarp and… yeah, that’s pretty much it. Repainting jet Transformers to match the original G1 Seekers isn’t exactly a new idea. Still, I very much like this mold and it looks great in Skywarp colors, so buying it wasn’t much of a stretch for me.

Universe Skywarp appeared in the TF Universe: The Wreckers comic from 3H Productions, revealing that it was G1 Skywarp who was transformed into Cyclonus’ Armada during the events of the 1986 movie (and that it was Insecticon Bombshell who became Cyclonus). He regained his original persona at some point and joined the Wreckers during the events of Beast Machines. He was later abducted by Unicron for the events of the TF: Universe comic book and ended up being defeated by Sideswipe and Sunstreaker in the final battle of Universe (seen in a single panel in Fun Publications magazine that wrapped up the unfinished Universe storyline).

So bottom line here: another repaint of a great mold. A must-have? Certainly not, but a good figure in nice colors.

Rating: B
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