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Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2005

With a wisdome born of experience, and a tactical knowledge unmatched among the Autobot ranks, Landmine is a soldier other 'bots follow without reservation. He suffered heavy injuries in the final fight with Unicron. After crash-landing on Earth, he was repaired by the new human allies of the Autobots. An excellent battlefield commander, he's determined to prevent the Decepticons from gaining and edge by recovering the Earth Cyber Planet Key.

Robot Mode: Landmine is a good-looking and posable robot in this mode and offers very little to complain about. The features are nice, the overall look is good, he's got a nice weapon, and the Cyberkey gimmick is okay, if not quite spectacular. There is enough resemlance to Energon Landmine to hint at them being the same character, but not so much as to be repetetive. All in all Landmine is a good, solid robot with few surprises, but even fewer weak points.

Alternate Mode: A good, if somewhat plain and slightly boring alternate mode, Landmine becomes a bulldozer. The vehicle is okay, the wheels move, the shovel goes up and down, and you can activate the Cyberkey gimmick in this mode as well, though there is very little point to it, as it leaves the vehicle with but two tires. Again, good, solid, but unspectacular.

Remarks: Landmine's toy turns out to be pretty much the same as the character in the show. A good, solid figure that is neither spectacular nor flawed, but stuck on the good side of average. Unsurprisingly there is no Supreme Class version of this toy, even though he did briefly attain gigantic proportions in the series when fighting Super Starscream. Recommended to Cybertron fans and those appreciative of a good, solid Transformers toy.

Rating: B-

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