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Series: Mastermind Creations Reformatted
Allegiance: Decepticon
Year: 2017

Prelude: When we’re talking about Overlord, who and what he is differs vastly from continuity to continuity. Now Mastermind Creations Carnifex is Overlord as he appeared in the IDW comics, a so-called Phase Sixer, a super warrior. There are other versions of Overlord, though, including one where he is not a living robot at all, but rather a huge transector controlled by two Godmasters who attach to his chest. And if that is the Overlord you want, Mastermind Creations has issued an upgrade set that will turn your Carnifex into just that Overlord. Let’s say go!

Godmasters: The main portion of this upgrade set are the two Godmasters / Powermasters / Energon figures Millifex and Billifex. The names are a play on the names Mega and Giga from Masterforce, of course, with Mega meaning million (as in Milifex) and Giga meaning billion (as in Billifex). The two tiny figures are nicely articulated for their size, featuring elbows, knee joints, and ball-jointed shoulders and legs. They can either serve as pilots for Carnifex’ two vehicle modes (though whoever pilots the jet needs to do so completely horizontal), populate Carnifex’ base mode (more on that see below), or transforms into engines to plug into Carnifex’ chest in robot mode. This requires the removal of the sculpted missile launchers in Carnifex’ pegs, of course, but once those are gone, the engines fit quite nicely. Also: unlike G1 Overlord, Carnifex can still close his chest panels even when the engines are plugged in.

Now the engines don’t really do anything once plugged in. They don’t unlock any gimmicks or anything, but having two tiny engine-figures in his chest was basically Overlord’s entire thing before the IDW comics recreated him, so it’s very nice to have the option. As far as the two figures go, two thumbs up. Very nicely done.

Additional Parts: Apart from the two figures, the upgrade set comes with several more parts for Carnifex. There are white panels that snap onto his chest doors, to make them look more like the G1 figure’s. There are six double-barreled guns for use in Carnifex’ base mode, and finally there is a new head for Carnifex, looking more like his G1 noggin.

The chest panels are pretty nice, though whether you use them or not is a very subjective thing. You don’t really need them, they just give you yet another smidgeon of G1-flair. The guns for the base mode are nice, though I am not a big fan of Carnifex’ rather lackluster attempt at one. You can also use them in robot mode, though, where they attach to Carnifex’ legs. Finally the new head is nice, yes, but personally I will stick with the IDW-styled heads. I just adore those luscious lips and manic grin. The G1-styled head is more generic and seems a bit boring in direct comparison.

Remarks: As mentioned above, there are many Overlords. The very first incarnation of the character was in Masterforce, where he was a lifeless drone piloted by two humans called Giga and Mega, who wore suits of armor that plugged into Overlord’s chest. This version never made it into the West, but even when Overlord came out in Europe in 1991, he still had those extra figures that plugged into his chest, though here they were called “Energon figures” that apparently unlocked extra powers (so basically the predecessors of the Armada Minicons then).

Carnifex is a very nice figure and if all you want is a perfect representation of IDW’s Overlord, you don’t need this upgrade set. If you want a thoroughly G1-styled Overlord, then you don’t need this set, either, and shouldn’t have gotten Carnifex in the first place. If you want a nice mixture between the two, though, or simply give IDW Overlord the extra power boost of having Godmasters / Powermasters / Energon figures in his chest, then this set is well worth getting.

Rating: B

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