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Series: Generation 1 Transformers Collection
Allegiance: Cybertron (Autobot)
Categories: Autobot Car
Year: 2003 (original from 1985)

Where there's smoke, there's me.
The hotter things get, the better he likes it, and this goes for fires AND fights! Inferno can do anything Earth fire trucks can in vehicular mode, but is often distracted from his job to engage in combat. His great strength is thanks to his ceramic-plated armored skin that can withstand 8000 degrees Celcius. He also has an extinguisher rifle that shoots flame-suppressing foam, an energy dampening beam to counter other beams and forearms that shoot missiles. Unfortunately, he doesn't follow orders well and isn't very mobile as a robot.

Robot Mode: Inferno makes for an imposing figure in robot mode, tall for a G1 Autobot (almost as tall as G1 Optimus Prime) and solid-looking. His posability is average for an early G1 figure, which is to say not that good. One of his main problems is the head, which doesn't have a solid connection to his chest, but rather just sits on top. As far as looks, go, though, he is pretty good. His arms can be equipped either with fists and an accompanying laser pistol or missiles. All in all, a good robot, like many G1 toys more for looking at than actually playing with.

Alternate Mode: Inferno transformes into a pretty realistic-looking fire truck, including a fully extendable-ladder. The truck's driver cabin can be opened (sort-of) by flipping the entire cabin forward, exposing a seat for a Diaclone-driver. All in all one of the better G1 vehicle modes and good-looking.

Remarks: Inferno is one of G1's lesser characters, hardly getting any kind of exposure during the G1 cartoon. He appeared mostly in the background (if at all) and did little more than put out the occassional fire. As a toy he is pretty solid, though, and the mold was later recycled for the G1 Autobot Grapple, as well as for G2 Inferno. Add a nice-looking package from the Takara Collection Series and you have a solid G1 toy with a nice nostalgia bonus for those who, like me, had this toy back in their kiddie days.

Rating: C+
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