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Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Dinobot
Year: 1985

Only in war is there happiness
An unhappy loner of few words and fewer opinions. Finds only joy in battle. Hates his Dinobot form, longs to return to Cybertron. Large golden plates on spinal assembly are solar collectors... strength increases tenfold in sunlight. Tail can shatter 20 foot concrete cube. Armored hide resists most missiles. Vulnerable to nighttime attacks due to his weaker state. Slow... uncooperative nature hinders others from helping him.

Prelude: The fifth and final G1 Dinobot to get a review here on TFU, on loan from fellow TF-fan BlackZarak. I first reviewed this mold in its G2 incarnation nearly ten years ago, so let’s take another crack at it.

Robot Mode: To me Snarl is one of the better-looking and better-engineered of the Dinbots. His robot mode is very powerful-looking with its broad upper bodies and shoulder-widening wings. His tiny waist and long legs make him a bit top-heavy, but unless the waist joint is loose (which can happen, given that it extends and turns during transformation) there are no balancing issues. Snarl can rotate his shoulders and bend his knees, making him one of the better articulated G1 figures, too.

In terms of armaments Snarl comes with a big black rifle and the obligatory red Dinobot sword. He also has a missile launcher for his dinosaur mode, but it can also be used in robot mode by fastening it to his shoulder. So bottom line: definitely a good robot mode for its time and no obvious flaws except for the top-heaviness.

Alternate Mode: Snarl transforms into a Stegosaurus (meaning roof lizard or covered lizard), a dinosaur from the late Jurassic period, roughly 150 million years ago. Not really a contemporary of the Triceratops, Pteranodon, or Tyrannosaurus Rex, but from roughly the same time as the Apatosaurus / Brontosaurus, so he isn’t quite alone in representing his time period. The dinosaur looks exactly like he’s supposed to, no visible robot parts, and can be armed with Snarl’s missile launcher, too. The only slight downside to me is the utter lack of tail movement, given that Snarl was very fond of bashing others with his tail in the cartoon, but I’m not sure how they could have engineered that into the toy. So all in all: great dino mode. No complaints.

Remarks: Dinobot Snarl is an interesting conundrum among the Dinobots as he’s mostly known for being the one Dinobot who wasn’t part of the 1986 movie and being the one who was neither stupid (Sludge) nor hostile (Slag) nor flying (Swoop) nor Grimlock. So we mostly know him by what he isn’t and where he wasn’t. Interesting.

As a toy I’d call Snarl an above-average Dinobot. He has two good modes, no real flaws, only his lack of character is drawing him down a bit. And anyway, if you want a complete G1 Dinobot set, you’re gonna have to get this guy here as well. Unless you’re basing your Dinobots solely on the 1986 movie, then you’re fine leaving him aside.

Rating: B
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