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Series: Robots in Disguise
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Basic
Year: 2002

Remarks: RID Scavenger is a straight-up repaint of Beast Machines Scavenger, so we'll keep this short and sweet and just focus on the differences. In order to make what was designed as a bad guy into an Autobot for this RID reissue, Scavenger abandoned his green-orange paintjob for a blue-white one and... yeah, he still doesn't really look like a good guy in either mode. Maybe they should have given him Dinobot colors, that might have worked. But okay, he's supposed to be an Autobot now, so focus on the soothing white and blue colors and ignore the scary maw with the teeth and missiles.

Just like his pack-in mates Mirage GT and Nightcruz he never appeared in any media and was merely used to fill out the toyline. That said, he's a good little toy with no particular flaws and I'd say the RID paintjob doesn't look any better or worse than the Beast Machines one. So bottom line: still a nice toy for army builders and fans of scary-looking machines. Not a must, certainly, but good.

Rating: B-


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