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Series: Robots in Disguise
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Super
Year: 2001

Robot Mode: Optimus Prime's basic mode is the robot that transforms into the fire truck's cap. In this mode Optimus holds some resemblance to his G1 counterpart. The head is more streamlined, but basically the same. Same with the chest. The legs differ, though, white thighs ending in huge red boots. The whole thing is very posable and comes with a small gun that looks kinda tiny compared to the larger rifles Optimus usually carries. All in all a very good mode, though.

Alternate Modes: Unlike his predecessors RID Optimus Prime transforms into a fire truck. The vehicle looks a bit futuristic (but is based on an actual Japanese fire truck, I'm told), but definitely plays the part well. You can even deploy the ladder, though the truck tends to tip over if you extend it fully to either side. Only drawback here is that the head of the battle mode is exposed under the ladder. Would have been nicer if it could fold away in some way.

Add-Ons / Partners: The rear part of Optimus' fire truck mode transforms into a kind of battle station, though I don't really like that mode very much. It's little more than a tower with some added stuff.

Optimus can also combine with the rear part of his fire truck mode into his ‘Battle Mode' (or Super Fire Convoy). Unlike Powermaster Optimus Prime the rear section falls apart into multiple pieces that attach to Optimus' legs, arms, and chest. The result looks impressive, even though the fire ladder on the back is an acquired taste. He can deploy it as a huge gun and it looks great in that mode.

Alternatively the smaller Optimus can also put on just some of the parts, like applying the missile launchers to his shoulders or simply putting on the ‘gloves', the larger mode's fists. Whatever way you put him together, it's a lot of fun and looks good.

Combiner Mode: Optimus Prime can combine with Ultra Magnus (or God Magnus in Japan) into a super robot called Omega Prime (or God Fire Convoy). The principle is nearly the same as with Optimus Prime suiting up into battle mode. Magnus falls apart into various pieces of armour that Optimus can put on. The result looks impressive as hell, though, especially with Magnus' large multi-cannon added as armament.

In the cartoon and the toy instructions Omega Prime is finished when basic Optimus Prime ‘puts on' Magnus. You can bulk him up further, though, by adding the leftover parts of Optimus' battle mode. The result is an armed behemoth, especially with the ladder now added as a huge cannon to his arm (which sadly the joint is too weak to support properly). Super Omega Prime (as I have named him) looks ready to take on entire armies of Decepticons or Predacons.

Remarks: As I've stated elsewhere I didn't particularly like many elements of the RID cartoon, but it did produce some kick-ass toys. Optimus Prime is definitely one of them. As with many other Optimus toys (the Armada version for example), the toy stands well enough on its own, but the true play value lies in figuring out in how many ways it can be combined with other Transformers, RID Ultra Magnus in this case. And boy does Optimus offer variations here.

I wouldn't go so far as to call it the best Optimus Prime toy in my collection, but it certainly ranks pretty high up the list. A definite must-have for any Optimus Prime fan.

Rating: A

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