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Series: Robots in Disguise
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Supreme Store Exclusive
Function: Autobot Spirit Guide
Year: 2002

We will win if we believe in ourselves and out unity.
He is a hero from the future, whose courage, skill and wisdom are needed again, to lead the Autobots in their fight against Megatron and his evil plans for the planet Earth. Wise and strong, Optimus Primal councils Optimus Prime in the ways of defensive combat and serves as custodian of freedom. Helps others find their own strength to keep fighting despiste the odds. Brave and intelligent, he belives wholeheartedly in his cause and lights the fires of justice and truth in others.

Robot Mode: Unlike previous attempts, Air Attack Optimus Primal is a near-perfect match for his TV incarnation from the Beast Machines animated series. He is also one of the largest Transformers ever made, his height matching that of 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime, and very posable to boot, including individual fingers. His detailing of the semi-organic look is pretty good and the toy includes multiple extras. He can shoot discs from his belly, has numerous sound effects (including quotes using the original voice actor from the series) and has rocket thrusters on his back that, when activated, flip out blue 'flames' for effect. Some of the sound effects are a bit tiresome, but apart from that I can say nothing bad about this robot mode.

Beast Mode: Transforming into a gorilla becomes Optimus Primal. Despite a very simple transformation (you basically fold in the legs, twist the upper body around, and that's it) the resulting monkey looks again very much like it's animated series counterpart, a partially technological animal. Primal can shoot his discs in this mode, too, and retains the level of articulation inherit in his robot mode.

Missing Parts: I'm missing the discs Primal can shoot from his belly. Also, the plastic plates covering his midsection (and the head from the inactive mode) are missing.

Remarks: On the third attempt they finally managed to get it right and create an Optimus Primal figure that looks like it's TV namesake. Not only that, but Air Attack Optimus Primal is one of the largest and most detailed figures ever made. His inclusion in the RID line of toys probably came a little late, seeing as Beast Machines was already cancelled at that point, but we finally get to enjoy the toy we wanted, so that's fine. The only points against this figure are the overly long and sometimes irritating sound effects and some fragility issues. Apart from that, he's very good.

Rating: B+


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