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with Blowpipe

Series: Titans Return
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Deluxe Headmaster
Year: 2016

Robot Mode: I really don’t know how to put this any other way, so I will just come out and say (or rather write) it: Triggerhappy looks awesome in robot mode. I can’t really say exactly what it is that I like so much about him, it’s the entire package. He looks just like I’d imagine a big evil robot who turns into a friggin’ space fighter to look. He’s got the cockpit-chest (a classic of jet Transformer design for a reason), big golden shoulder pieces, huge guns, and a really sweet looking head design, too. What more could you ask for?

Well, there is also very nice articulation, of course, and the fact that he can transform his arms into huge double-barreled guns, too. Just about the only thing I could think of to improve this figure would be another few little paint apps here and there to further bring out the excellent sculpting. Apart from that, though? Just awesome.

Alternate Mode: Triggerhappy transforms into a Science Fiction style fighter jet with big double guns on each side. I really like the look of this fighter, which could easily appear in whatever happens to be your favorite Science Fiction movie. Add Triggerhappy’s handguns under the wings for more firepower and, much like with Highbrow, to give the jet a complete landing gear (only the front wheel is built-in). The cockpit opens to make room for Blowpipe (see below) and there are no visible robot bits, so bottom line: a great vehicle mode. Two thumbs up here and no complaints.

Partner / Add-On: Like all Titans Return figures Deluxe class and above Triggerhappy comes with a separate robot that forms his head. Blowpipe was a Targetmaster in Generation 1, but now he becomes Triggerhappy’s noggin’ instead and does a very good job of it. The figure itself is a standard Titan Master with ball-jointed shoulders and joint knees, able to use Triggerhappy’s combined gun as a seat which connects to the base modes of Leader-class Titans Return figures. I could have used a few more paint apps here, as the sculpt of this little guy looks quite good. But let’s face it, he’ll mostly spend his time as a head, and he does that part really well.

Remarks: Triggerhappy was one of the many new Transformers who appeared out of nowhere in the final three-part episode of the Transformers cartoon in 1987. He did little more than fill out the ranks of the Decepticons and became a Targetmaster on Nebulos, being paired with the Hive member Blowpipe. He flew around some, shot some, and really didn’t do much else of consequence. Not sure he even spoke, to be honest. His role in the comics wasn’t much bigger.

Lack of significant media appearances aside, Triggerhappy is a great, great figure. I think he has usurped Highbrow’s place as my favorite Deluxe class figure from Titans Return. He could have used a few more paint apps, maybe, but that’s about the only bad thing I can think of. Otherwise: a great figure. So unless you only buy Autobots out of principle or are violently opposed to the Headmaster gimmick for some reason, you really should be getting Triggerhappy (the figure, I mean the figure!)

Rating: A
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