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SILVERSTREAK (aka Bluestreak)

Series: Generation 1 Commemorative Series
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Autobot Car
Year: 2002 (original from 1984)

I never met a Decepticon I didn't dislike.
Silverstreak is not the 'typical' Autobot. Always on overdrive, he is an incessant talker whose endless banter and sharp humor can lighten tense situations. Memory of his home-city's destruction by the Decepticons causes him to hate war. Long distance bombing capability of up to 8.3 miles; lightning-like 80,000 volt beam travels up to 12 miles with limited accuracy. Armed with formidable weapons and incendiary speed, but sometimes impeded by distaste for combat.

Remarks: Silverstreak, or Bluestreak as he was originally called, is the third version of this mold that I've acquired (and reviewed), so there isn't really a whole lot I can write about this figure that I haven't already written in the reviews of Prowl and Smokescreen. There are minor mold changes between the three versions and different color schemes, of course, but apart from that...

Silverstreak has neither Prowl's police lights nor the spoiler enhancements of Smokescreen, making him the 'plainest' of the three. He's the only one who has transparent roof panels, though. His mostly grey color scheme in car mode is broken up nicely with red and black in robot mode, making him far from plain color-wise.

Bluestreak was among the original crew of the Ark in the G1 cartoon series. He was the fast-talking funny guy of the Autobots and participated in most season 1 episodes, before slowly fading from view in season 2. His fate beyond the 1986 Movie is unclear, but he isn't listed among the fallen. I'm not sure why the name was changed from Bluestreak to Silverstreak. Maybe Hasbro executives didn't want to confuse kids with a toy that had 'blue' in the name, but no blue parts anywhere. Of course the name Bluestreak didn't reference his looks, but rather his character as a guy who talked a lot. Still, Silverstreak it is these days, both for this figure and newer versions of the character.

All in all a nice version of a pretty good mold. I wouldn't call him the best of the three, but he's a close runner-up and as one of the original Ark crew, I just had to get him for my collection.

Rating: B+
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