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with Flintlock

Series: Titans Return
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe Headmaster
Year: 2017

With the Decepticons rising, the Autobots power up with Titan Master partners to stop them. Decepticons recoil when they see Flintlock and Sergeant Kup. Flintlock gives Kup the ability to blast enemies with bursts of metal-melting acid.

Robot Mode: There is a certain appeal to having a toy that looks almost like it stepped right off the TV screen. G1 Kup (the toy) was a pretty close match to the TV character Kup, but there were still noticeable differences. Now comes Titans Return Kup and except for a few minor things, he looks like it’s 1986.

Classic look aside Kup is yet another very well-designed Titans Return Deluxe figure in robot mode. Articulation is excellent, detailing is very nice, and overall everything just fits together very nicely. Kup comes with two chunky grey guns that combine into an even chunkier double-barreled grey gun which he can also store on his back when he needs his hands free.

Kup is also one of those robots that offer very little clue regarding their alternate mode. He has wheels on his lower legs, yes, but that’s pretty much the only hint as to what he becomes. I like that, especially in a robot as well-designed as this one. So bottom line: no complaints about the robot mode at all. Two thumbs up.

Alternate Mode: Kup transforms into a futuristic-looking pickup truck (for those few who don’t know, that’s actually where his name comes from: picKUP). The vehicle looks a bit boxier and more compact that the vehicle mode of G1 Kup, but it’s clearly meant to be the same vehicle. Also, it actually has a cockpit that opens up to seat Flintlock (see below), so it’s bound to be a bit boxier. The vehicle looks pretty good and shows no obvious robot bits. Kup’s two guns can be stored on the back of the truck, either separately or combined into a gunner’s seat for Flintlock. All in all a good vehicle mode and a very good likeness to the vehicle mode of the cartoon character.

Partner / Add-On: I’ve been copying and pasting my text for the Titan Masters quite a few times. Enough already. Flintlock, aka Kup's head, is a Titan Master, can ride in Kup’s vehicle mode, can sit in Kup’s combined gun, the usual. Nothing new here, moving on.

Remarks: Kup was among the main cast of the Autobots in the third season of the original cartoon and has appeared in every incarnation of the G1-based Transformers since in the role of the grumpy old veteran who has seen it all and wasn’t impressed the first time.

As for the toy, I really didn’t want to like this version of Kup. I was perfectly happy with my Generations Kup with the iGear head upgrade. But seeing as it was cheaper for me to buy the entire fourth wave of Titans Return Deluxes, of whom he is a part, he came into my possession and I have to admit, he’s really cool. He is basically cartoon Kup having stepped right off the TV screen. The fact that he is a Headmaster (which he never was in the cartoon) doesn’t change that and the gimmick is implemented such that you can take it or leave it.

So bottom line: yet another excellent Titans Return Deluxe figure. If you have any affinity to the character of Kup or even just like robots that transform into somewhat futuristic-looking vehicles, this old bot is definitely worth a look.

Rating: A-
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