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with Professor Go

Series: Titans Return
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe Headmaster Store Exclusive
Year: 2017

Remarks: Metalhawk is a straight-up repaint of Titans Return Triggerhappy, so just a few words on the differences here. Metalhawk has gotten a brand-new paintjob consisting of red, blue, and gold to closely match the Metalhawk we saw in the IDW comics (and much earlier in the Masterforce anime). The only real difference to Triggerhappy is that he got a new, humanoid-looking face on his Headmaster, but apart from that he is the exact-same excellent figure Triggerhappy was, too.

Metalhawk was the original leader of the Seibertrons (Autobots) on Earth during the Masterforce anime, though he was quickly replaced by Super Ginrai. He wasn’t a Headmaster then, but rather a Pretender. There was a Professor Go in the anime, too, though, the father of Headmaster Junior Go Shuta aka Go Shooter (making Go the family name, actually). He was never a Headmaster himself in the series, but apparently a good friend of Metalhawk, considering that he asked the Pretender to care of his son shortly before he died.

He also appeared in the IDW comics much, much later, where he was a leader among the neutrals on Cybertron. He was later killed by Starscream, who used his death as a stepping stone to achieve political power. Finally this figure itself was part of the Titans Return: Siege on Cybertron boxset. I passed on the whole set, but managed to buy this guy from a buddy.

Conclusion here: an excellent figure, no doubt, but considering that we already have three different versions of it available at retail (Triggerhappy, Misfire, and Slugslinger) this one here will probably only be of interest to you if you like the character or if you plan on buying the whole boxset anyway. So slight point deducation from Triggerhappy for being “only” a repaint and somewhat harder to get.

Rating: B+
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