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Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Maximal
Categories: Basic
Function: Aerial Recon
Year: 1997 / 1998

An aerial reconnaissance expert, Airazor's optical matrix scanners can detect Predacon ground movement from 30,000 feet. Internal radar transmitters then relay data to fellow Maximals, complete with 3-D virtual reality maps detailing enemy location. Cyberblades located within wings open for attack mode. And although the photon cannon concealed beneath tail is her weapon of choice in robot mode, she prefers attacking Predacons with her armor slashing, titanium-plated talons!

Robot Mode: A small and stocky, yet very posable robot, Airazor looks very much like her TV incarnation, though she is missing some of the more female curves of her character. A rather simple toy, there is not all that much in the way of gimmicks or such to be found. She carries a talon as her sole weapon, which bugs me a little. A decent if unremarkable robot mode.

Alternate Mode: A falcon in beast mode, Airazor won't win any kind of zoological award for her looks, but the beast mode is decent enough. she looks like what she's supposed to be. There is a sort-of attack mode to this falcon, as she can flip out parts of her wings as forward-facing blades.

Remarks: Airazor holds the distinction of being both the first female Maximal introduced in the Beast Wars series, as well as featuring prominently in the first episode ever to mention a Transformers' Spark, the souls of this machine race. Later on in the series she entered into a relationship with Tigatron, which was cut short when she was abducted by the alien Vok. Her spark returned later in the form of Tigerhawk and, in the Transformers Universe comic series "The Wreckers", she was then reincarnated in her Transmetal form.

As a toy Airazor is rather unremarkable, IMO inferior to her transmetal version, but in standard Beast Wars fashion she makes for a very posable and TV-accurate figure. She was later re-issued with a new paint job and a video cassette with a Beast Wars episode on it. This version is known as 'Video Airrazor'. I would not describe her, either of her, as a must-have, but she is a nice-to-have, at least if you're a Beast Wars fan. And if you want to get her, it's really just a matter of taste which version you get.

Rating: C-
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