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Series: Robots in Disguise 2.0 Combiner Force
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Warrior
Year: 2017

Robot Mode: Soundwave has clearly been working out. His Prime incarnation was a spindly fellow, but this RID successor here has bulked up a lot and returned to his classic look, including the (non-functioning) tape deck on the chest and a general look that strongly reminds me of his Animated incarnation. Really the only thing that still bears a strong resemblance to the Prime Soundwave we knew is the head, which retains the full-face screen, but still manages to carry the G1 look as well (though not as well as the package art, which shows him with his classic mouth guard instead.

While Soundwave is clearly an RID bot by design, he is about as far away from the somewhat simplified design of his peers as he can be while still fitting into the line. Upon first look one could just as easily sort him into the Prime or Generations toyline, I think. He is very nicely articulated throughout and has no stability issues, either. Long-time readers of my reviews will not be surprised, of course, that I really like his weapon, the classic Soundwave shoulder-mounted bazooka. The bazooka can turn, tilt upwards, and be held in hand, too, if you like. Very nicely done.

So bottom line, the best robot mode the RID toyline has brought out so far bar none. He is Soundwave, clearly, he can move, he can shoot, and he can jam on Animated Soundwave’s Laserbeak guitar. So quite evidently: no room for complaint at all.

Alternate Mode: Abandoning his previous flight alternate mode, Soundwave once again transforms into a land vehicle that, while somewhat resembling Animated Soundwave again, clearly takes its inspiration from a different Soundwave this time, the War for Cybertron Generations figure. The vehicle is not so much a car as a heavily armed and armored attack vehicle.

I especially like the driver’s cabin on top, which pretty much appears from nowhere, as it is completely hidden in robot mode. Soundwave’s bazooka goes on top, left or right side, giving the vehicle ample firepower as well. The transformation from robot to vehicle is actually among the more complicated in the RID line, but still quite intuitive. The only slight downside of this mode is that you can see his robot fists on the sides, would have been nice if they could be folded in. Apart from that, though: a brilliant vehicle mode. So good that I almost forgot about the fists thing as I wrote this.

Remarks: While Soundwave did appear in the Robots in Disguise cartoon, he did so wearing his old body from the Prime cartoon series / toyline. This particular version of Soundwave has yet to make any media appearances, though one could hardly miss the resemblance to the War for Cybertron version of the character, which is (at least loosely) part of the same continuity. Maybe it’s simply intended to show Soundwave during a flashback before he got his flying alternate mode or maybe they just wanted to include a cool Soundwave figure in the toyline.

Now whether or not you are a fan of Soundwave, this figure here is, to me, the best figure from the RID toyline yet. He shows little of the simplified design aesthetics and can easily stand next to Prime or War for Cybertron / Fall of Cybertron figures. He’s got two very nice modes and, of course, that classic Soundwave look doesn’t hurt, either. So basically what I am saying is: buy Soundwave! You will not regret it.

Rating: A
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