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Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Pretender Classics
Function: Aerospace Commander
Year: 1989

Conquest ist made of the ashes of one's enemies
A cheating, treacherous villain. Ruthless and cold-blooded. Always plotting another evil attack against the heroic Autobots. Determined to rule the universe with a fist of iron. Outer shell armed with methylial-powered jet pack and thermal carbine that can either freeze or melt metal on impact. Inner robot armed with null ray rifle that shorts out electrical impulses. Maximum speed: Mach 3. Also equipped with suborbital capabilities. Arrogance is Starscream's only weakness.

Robot Mode: Starscream's robot mode might actually have been a good version of the character. Less fragile and more wholesome than the original, he could have been something. Unfortunately the designers put very little love into the design. The arms can move, but that's it, the rest of him is a brick. All the screws are facing front and visible. Add his small size, a prerequisite of the Pretender gimmick, and you got a Starscream that manages to look the part, but ultimately disappoints. His Pretender shell is standard for the line, an armoured warrior with removable helmet and immobile except for the arms. To add some fun, you can put Starscream's wings on his back and combine the jet mode's tail fins into a kind of club.

Alternate Mode: The jet mode does give a good showing here, looking very much like the original and being sturdier to boot. Smaller again, of course, but other than that, not bad. No weapons underneath the wings, though, as Starscream's hand weapons become his tail fins. A decent jet mode, but no more than that.

Remarks: The line of Classic Pretenders featured but one Decepticon and he is Starscream. Unfortunately the designers put very little into it and what might have been a good figure turned out merely average. I got him cheap and I'm a Starscream mark, otherwise I wouldn't have bothered.

Rating: C
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