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Series: Prime Beast Hunters
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2013

Remarks: Prowl is a repaint (with a new head) of Prime Beast Hunters Smokescreen, so look for the full review there. Here we shall just concentrate on the differences. In car mode Prowl has been repainted to resemble a Japanese-style police cruiser and a light bar has gone on top of the car, too. This makes for a far more monochrome look in robot mode, where Prowl is mostly black and white except for some scattered details. He carries the same gun as Smokescreen, but the Beast Armor stuff has been left out of this release. Not like anyone needed that anyway. Finally, the new head. It actually looks a bit more like Animated Prowl’s head than G1 Prowl’s (mostly in that he has a visor instead of eyes), but it looks good either way.

So bottom line: still a fun car Transformer and while this version of it hasn’t been seen in the Prime TV series or comics, it’s Prowl. That helps quite a bit. Worth getting If you like the mold, Prowl, or are just a fan of a good car-former.

Rating: B

PS: Yeah, I noticed that I didn't tab in Prowl's left shin in the pics. Now. I didn't notice during foto shooting, neither during the brush-up, nor during the creation of that image map. Only after everything was finished and online. That's how it goes sometimes.
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