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Series: Universe
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Ultra
Year: 2003

Resistance will not be tolerated - surrender or be destroyed.
In a universe where the heroic Maximal, Tigerhawk, succumbed to the Vok influence and destroyed that realities' Megatron, Unicron chose to select his fourth, and final, general. Devoid of compassion, dictated by logic, and possessed by evil, this once noble character uses his Vok-enhanced abilities to pillage neighboring star systems for the glory of his dark master. Possesses elemental powers to summon earthquakes, electrical storms and tsunamis. Has Vok alien-enhanced intelligence and an incredible arsenal of weaponry at his disposal, including an ion diminisher that paralyzes enemies. His titanium-reinforced claws in beast mode can tear through multiple layers of an opponent's armor, exposing the circuitry underneath for Razorclaw to rip out. Totally fearless and ferocious in battle, Razorclaw is one enemy that you don't want to face alone. Has a particularly heated rivalry with Optimus Primal, his one time commander. Optimus Primal epitomizes many virtues that Razorclaw detests-compassion, nobility, fairness. Under times of great stress, Razorclaw's unique binary-Spark combination of the lost Maximals, Tigatron and Airrazor, is both a hindrance and weakness; confusing this powerhouse as the noble Maximal Sparks strive to re-exert their original personalities.

Robot Mode: Razorclaw is a regal-looking robot that kind of reminds me of a Roman general or something along that line. The feathered loinchloth and the wings appear as a kind of antique armour, which goes along with the look of the helmet. His broad chest and wide shoulders give an air of power. He is also quite heavily armed. His left hand has fixed cannons attached and he can fix his twin missile launchers from his beast mode to his right arm. He is very posable and the detailing is also quite good, as evident by the pistons on his legs and other great features.

An all-around great robot mode, except for one grating detail: He, being a Decepticon, bears a Maximal symbol on the chest. This is probably because he is a repaint of the Maximal Tigerhawk from Beast Wars, but they could have removed it. A flaw that stands out even more because the rest of the robot is so good.

Beast Mode: Razorclaw transforms into a winged wolf creature, a hybrid of two different animals. The wings, the hindlegs and the tail-feathers are from an eagle, the head and forelegs are from a wolf. The combination looks quite scary. The wolf can have the wings swept back or forward into attack mode, firing feather-missiles. The wolf-head also features an eagle-helmet, another thing reminiscient of a Roman general. The whole package looks strange, but dangerous and lethal, which is just fine with me.

Remarks: Razorclaw takes his name from the G1 Predacon leader and his body from the Beast Wars character Tigerhawk and combines it all into a good-looking package for the Universe line. In the few comic scraps I read for this series of reissues, he is from another universe where he conquered his version of Cybertron, only to be kidnapped by Unicron and hijacked into leading an interdimensional gladiatorial contest for the dark god. Whatever. Apart from his only true flaw, the Maximal symbol (which seems to be a general flaw with the Universe repaints, as Nemesis Prime shares it) he is without fault. The toy looks great and that is all that really matters.

Rating: B+
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