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Combined form of the Constructicons:
Bonecrusher, Hook, Long Haul, Mixmaster, Scavenger & Scrapper

Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Combiner Constructicon
Year: 1985

Robot Modes: As robots the Constructicons all look very similar. small, lime green, not too articulate. They all carry small weapons (so small, in fact, that the previous owner lost three of them before I bought the set). As small robots go, though, they are not too bad and bolster the ranks of the Decepticons (who were pretty outnumbered at the start of the cartoon) considerably.

Alternate Modes: The Constructicons transform into construction vehicles (not too much of a stretch). Except for the unusual colour the vehicles look very realistic and could just as well populate a Matchboy toyset or the likes.

Combiner Mode: The six Constructicons combine into Devastator (or Devastar in Japan), at the time the most powerful of all Transformers. As a toy Devastator leaves something to be desired, though, as he is nearly immobile (only his arms can move) and falls apart easily. All in all, though, he still looks pretty cool and, unlike other combiners, you never forget that he is composed of multiple robots.

Missing Parts: I'm missing three of the Constructicons' small guns.

Remarks: The Constructicons are, to my knowledge, the very first combination robots ever. Six robots that combine into one to form a much larger one. For that alone they deserve a place of honor in any collection.

Rating: C+
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