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Series: Universe
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Deluxe Store Exclusive
Year: 2004

Remarks: Ransack is a repaint of Armada Hoist, so look there for the full review. Just some words on the differences here. There isn't a whole lot I can say about Ransack that I haven't alreadey said in the reviews for Hoist and Cybertron Longrack. He's a straight-up repaint of Hoist with only one slight change made to the actual figure: Where Hoist had a sculpted faction symbol, Ransack has a painted one. Apart from that the colors are the only difference. Ransack is purple and orange, a somewhat darker paintjob to reflect his Decepticon allegiance. His Minicon Refute is a green repaint of Hoist's Minicon of the same name. Since I got Ransack without his own Refute, though, I used the orange Refute for the pictures above. Orange Refute jives a lot better color-wise with Ransack than a green one would, at least that's my opinion.

Well, that's pretty much it. Ransack is still an excellent toy. Great posability, cool look, nothing worth complaining about. He came out as part of the original Universe series, which was repaints only, and was available in a two-pack along with Smokescreen, a blue-white repaint of the Armada figure of the same name. He didn't appear in the Universe comic book or any other media I'm aware of. I got him because I like this mold a lot. Now I only need Botcon Dinobot version and I've got a full set.

Rating: A-
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