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Series: Prime Dark Energon
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2012
Review von Laserwave13:

Prelude: Here we have Wheeljack, one of a set of four Deluxe-class Dark Energon themed figures exclusive to the online shop BigBadToyStore. He was chosen for this review out of the four because his regular release quickly became one of the highest-rated figures out of the Prime Robots in Disguise toy line.

Packaging: One could say it’s the usual blister card, but in this case it was overhauled for the Dark Energon theme. A pretty dark look, which might also be pretty interesting for those who keep their toys packaged and sealed. Looks very nice, but of course it had to be opened anyway.

Alternate Mode: A little blue car. Clear blue mixed with some metallic paint and some red highlights, to be precise. Looking good. Blue is my favorite color and having it in translucent form is a win-win situation for me. The car itself is unchanged from its previous version. Only minor point of contention for me is his unpainted rim and I do not like the look of his oversized Autobot logo on his doors. But that is only minor and I can live with it easily. The swords are still there and can be stored under the vehicle. A small, tiny, but cool-looking car, what more do you need?

Robot Mode: Wheeljack is simply one of the best figures that the Prime Robots in Disguise line had to offer. And he still is in his Dark Energon incarnation. He retains the swords, now painted gold for a contrast. The robot parts themselves are mostly regular plastic, the translucent ones hail from his vehicle mode. But that fits him nicely. Also, the dark appearance looks awesome. His chest, made from the vehicle roof, features the metallic paint and that also looks very nice. Otherwise, as before, very good articulation and his red eyes have a great light feature that really makes them glow. Great figure in great shape in terms of quality.

Conclusion: Very cool figure and nothing to complain about here except that once again you have to import these figures to get them. But those few cents extra he might cost you are worth every penny (*laugh*). Wheeljack is an amazing toy, and be it this one or the regular release, you are bound to have at least one of him in your collection. For all those who like the Dark Energon concept or simply dig translucent figures, go and get him, especially for being the most interesting one in the Dark Energon line.

Rating: A-
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