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Series: Hunt for the Decepticons
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Scout
Year: 2010

Teamed up with his friend Sea Spray, Breacher comes crashing out of the surf to deliver a nasty shock to Crankstart. The Decepticon was foolish enough to think he could hide on a remote strand on the east African shore, but Breacher is just as comfortable at sea as he is on land.

Robot Mode: As a Scout-class Figure Breacher isn’t the biggest bot around, but looking at him without a scale reference, you wouldn’t really notice. Thanks to excellent detailing and a general look of bad-ass-ness, he seems a lot bigger than he really is. Despite his rather bulky vehicle mode, though, he looks very lean in robot mode. Posability is up to current standard, meaning very good. The only slight limitation is the kibble on his arms, which can get in the way at times. But that’s a very minor thing only.

Breacher is armed with the big double-barreled cannon from his vehicle mode. Now here’s where we take a look at Breacher’s hands, too. He has closed fists without a hole in them; instead he has something resembling brass knuckles. While those might very well be great for fist fights, their true purpose is to click Breacher’s cannon onto them. Once done it looks like he’s holding the cannon in hand, but it’s really attached to his knuckles. Alternatively he can click the cannon to the kibble on his forearm, giving him a Megatron-style arm gun. Both variants look nice, so no complaints in terms of armament.

Not much more I can say here. Breacher is an excellent robot with a very cool head sculpt and I can find nothing wrong with him. Thumbs up.

Alternate Mode: Breacher transforms into a blue military vehicle that I believe falls under the acronym APC (Armored Personnel Carrier). The detailing on the vehicle is very good considering the size and everything fits together pretty well with no robot parts visible. Breacher’s double barreled gun sits on top to give the vehicle firepower in just about every direction thanks to a twisting turret.

As his profile text states, Breacher is designed to work in conjunction with Sea Spray and his vehicle mode fits very neatly onto the cargo area of Sea Spray’s vehicle mode. Sea Spray gains firepower, Breacher gains ocean-travelling capability. The two look very good together. So all in all a good, solid vehicle mode that works well with others.

Remarks: Breacher is yet another new figure from the 2010 Transformers line-up that has yet to appear in any media, be it movie, TV series or comic. He’s not based on any previously existing character, so there’s only his profile text, which describes him as Sea Spray’s partner. That’s it. But as a toy he’s top notch, yet another great Scout-class figure in the current toy line and definitely worth getting if you don’t mind the lack of in-media appearances.

Rating: B+

PS: The first time I read about this guy, I misread his name as ‘Preacher’ and thought how cool it would be to have a Transformer who was a Preacher. Too bad, but Breacher is still very cool.
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