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Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Predacon
Categories: Basic Fuzor
Year: 1998

There are few robots as downright mean as Quickstrike; even his fellow Predacons steer clear of his terrible disposition whenever possible. His deadly cobra-headed tail squirts a venom that instantly paralyzes his victims, leaving them defenseless against his razor-sharp scorpion pincers and attack claw.

Robot Mode: Quickstrike is surprisingly small in robot mode, smaller than most other Beast Wars toys. Put that aside, though, and you get a pretty decent robot mode. He has no real hands, as the long cobra and the scorpion legs / claws occupy both his arms. He is very show accurate, though, so apart from his small size I can find little to complain about.

Beast Mode: Quickstrike is a Fuzor, meaning his beast mode is a fusion of two different animals. A scorpion and a cobra in his case. The Scorpion makes up for most of the body, the head of the Cobra substitutes for the stinger on his tail. Again, a very show accurate beast mode, if a little small.

Remarks: Quickstrike was one of the less memoriable characters in Beast Wars in my opinion, little more than a violent goon with a Texas accent. He did take part in all the major battles from Season 2 on forward, though, so I decided to get him (for a cheap price at that). If they'd made him a bit bigger, at least big enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Deluxe-sized toys like Waspinator, I would have been a happy campier. As it is, he is still a decent toy, but nothing too special.

Rating: C+


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