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with Destructicons

Series: Power Core Combiners
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Ultra
Year: 2010

There was a time when Mudslinger might have considered joining the Autobots, but that was long ago. He's a robot of action, with no time for things like thinking, negotiating, or peace. In his opinion, the Autobots are a bunch of sissies. With his team in tow he's got the power to prove just much tougher than them he is.

Review by Starscream0625:

Robot Mode: Mudslinger is clearly supposed to be a homage to the orange and blue Autobot Mudslinger from G1, but is totally different in terms of design. The only resemblance I see is that they both turn into monster trucks. Like Bombshock, the original designs for these bots in G1 were meant to be Autobots. Anyway, his design is unique for a scout class figure and like a scout class figure he has no weapons, aside from his apparent strength. Really, they don't need a weapon because that's what the mini-cons are for. Posability is limited to a certain degree, but almost the whole lot can be articulated, though you really have to use some excessive force for special poses. Mudslinger's wheels are very nice and give him a tough appearance from any angle. His head is not perfect, but more than decently detailed, though the designers made him look like he has a moustache. Anyway, decent detailing doesn't quench my thirst, while some details on other bots nearly blew up my happiness meter. I'd give old Mudslinger here a B.

Vehicle Mode: Mudslinger's alternate mode is a Monster Truck with, in my opinion and compared to his robot mode, nice detailing. Considering how little you do to transform him (which is just flipping up his legs and pulling down his arms) he’s a just short of outstanding truck. Though a bit small, the truck still looks like it should and does a nice job of rolling across any flat surface. Overall, one of the better vehicle modes I've seen in a long while for a scout class, so I'll give him an A.

Combiner Mode: Mudslinger gives an imposing, yet friendly-looking combiner. Green and Blue don't exactly represent a giant honkin' robot, but anyway: great, just great. From a side angle, he appears very flat and skinny, though that's not what Hasbro was going for. Posability is just about the same here as for the rest of the new gestalts, so nothing new there. His wheels are in (or rather beside) the chest area, which looks odd, but it doesn't matter. Overall, very good: A

Drones: Each one of these are pretty simple and have nice detailing so, even though short, a great component team.

Comments: I have to say, when I want a certain bot, I want a certain bot. When I can't find one, I call out a search and rescue mission. Thankfully, we found it and I was very pleased.

Rating: A
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