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with Chainclaw

Series: Power Core Combiners
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Commander
Year: 2010

Icepick believes that he represents the next generation of Decepticons. According to him, all those not gifted with the ability to combine are obsolete, and should be destroyed. He's willing to start with the Autobots, but he won't hesitate if an older Decepticon strays into his line of fire.

Robot Mode: Icepick is pretty obviously a bad guy. He’s stocky, he’s got a mean-looking face, and he’s got those long gorilla arms with the big claws at the end. Yep, a bad guy, no doubt. Apart from the predominant white he’s mostly a blue-ish gray, giving him a cold look overall. His articulation is excellent, so no complaints here.

Like all PCC Commander figures he has no weapon except for his Minicon’s weapon mode. Unlike most other PCC Commander figures he can’t hold it in his hand, as his big claws have neither fist holes nor any sort of tab or anything. He can mount Chainclaw’s missile launcher on either shoulder, though, which looks pretty cool. Not that much else I can say here. I like Icepick’s robot mode, no serious flaws, everything looks good.

Alternate Mode: Icepick transforms into a treaded snow plow vehicle. The vehicle looks a bit piecemeal, but it’s still easily recognizable for what it’s supposed to be and there are no visible robot bits, either. Chainclaw in missile launcher mode can be mounted on top, giving him firepower, even if the weapon looks a tad oversized compared to the vehicle. All in all a decent vehicle mode. Not a revelation, but okay.

Partner / Add-On: Chainclaw, like all of the PCC Minicons, is advertised as a quad-changer, a robot with two weapon modes (for Icepick’s robot and vehicle mode respectively) and an armor mode. In reality, though, his two weapon modes are completely identical and his armor mode is... well, not really an alternate mode but more of a contorted version of the robot mode, who is trying to fold like a Powermaster, but can’t. So basically Chainclaw is a nice little Minicon robot that turns into a box missile launcher. When looked at it this way, he is just fine. One of the better Minicons of the PCC line in my mind.

Combiner Mode: Like all PCC Commander figures Icepick can transform into the torso of a combiner robot and use any of the PCC drone vehicles as limbs. Icepick basically just switches out his head and tucks in his arms a bit, with his wide shoulder pieces serving as connecting pieces to his arm drones. The new head has an ‘icy’ hair-do, which looks a bit strange but fits the overall polar theme of the figure. Just like in robot mode he can attach Chainclaw as chest armor here. Overall Icepick makes for a decent combiner torso, very wide and powerful looking. Not the best of the PCC combiners, but far from the worst, either.

Remarks: Like most of the Power Core Combiner figures Icepick has zero media presence. In theory he is part of the live action movie continuity and there was another figure called Icepick in the Dark of the Moon toyline that is probably intended to be the same guy, but that figure, too, never appeared anywhere. Oh, and side note: I suspect the names of the bigger figure and the Minicon were switched at some point. Icepick would fit either of them, but Chainclaw would be much better suited to the guy who actually has claws and chains (his treads in vehicle mode).

As a toy Icepick is, for me, among the better PCC figures. All three of his modes are pretty cool, the bright blue Power Core connection tabs don’t look out of place thanks to his overall coloring, and he looks sufficiently evil for a bad guy. So bottom line: far from a must-have, but a pretty good figure.

Rating: B-
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