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Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Maximal
Categories: Mega
Function: Guerrilla Warfare Specialist
Year: 1997

A guerrilla warfare tactical expert, B'Boom is one of the fiercest and most unpredictable of the Maximals. Though hard to control and often driven by a temporary fury that sends him speeding up and down the trees, his focus while in battle is easily apparent by the savage fire in his eyes. Dexterous, brave and clever, B'Boom is fiercest while in mega artillery attack mode, a state in which his arsenal is as fully loaded and functional as a battle emplacement. His favorite weapon, a launcher hidden within his mouth, deploys pulse missiles that detonate but do not burn-leaving his best weapon, the wilderness, unharmed.

Robot Mode: To get my only real complaint about B'Boom's robot mode out of the way: He's feet are damn strange. It's actually the Mandrill hind legs turned upside down, so the fingers curl a bit upwards. Oh, they are stable, but they look strange. Anyway, apart from that B'Boom is a mighty fine-looking robot with great posability and a bad-ass air to him. Kind of reminds me of Season 1 Optimus Primal. With missile launchers in his shoulders and a mohawk on his head he looks ready to take out Predacons left and right. A really good robot mode.

Beast Mode: B'Boom transforms into a Mandrill. No complaints here, the beast mode looks good and realistic. He can open his mouth to fire his missile launcher in this mode. B'Boom can also transform into a strange-looking weapons platform, putting out all of his extensive artillery at once. The mode looks strange, but is kinda fun.

Missing Parts: B'Boom carried a gun and two missiles for his launcher that I'm missing.

Remarks: Except for his strange name and his strange feet there really isn't anything wrong with B'Boom. A good mega-sized toy with some fun features and a kick-ass look in robot mode. He never did appear in the Beast Wars TV series, but scored a cameo in the first issue of IDW's Beast Wars comic series. Maybe he'll get a more prominent appearance in later issues of that series. Anyway, a good toy, recommended to those looking to enlarge their Beast Wars collection with some non-TV toys.

Rating: B-
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