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Series: Lunar Cruiser
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Voyager
Year: 2024


Quick & Dirty Review:
Today I have something rather exceptional for you: the Lunar Cruiser Prime from Takara, a collaboration with Toyota. I have no idea where this guy fits into my collection, but I loved the design from day one.
The figure is pretty good, bottom line. The only flaws are the somewhat loose shoulders, the rubber antenna (which are somewhat bent in the back on my version, resulting from the way the vehicle was packed in the box) and the white paint in the front, which is more cream in color and doesn't really fit well with the white plastic. And the price, too, is somewhat of a flaw, but we can probably attribute that to the costs of the license. 
On the plus side we have a creative figure design, great material quality, a very intuitive transformation, and great articulation, too (ab crunch and opening hands as highlights). So I would call this one a definite stand-out amonst the many Primes.


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