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with Cop-Tur

Series: Transformers Collectors Club
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2010

Efficiency makes you strong. Speed makes you lethal.
There was a time when Dion cared little for the echoes of war beginning to spread across his home world. Occasionally he'd opine on the feats of the new robots with flight capabilities, who he secretly envied, but otherwise turned a deaf audio receptor to the discussion about the start of what some were calling the second Cybertronian War. All that changed the day the war finally found him. The flying robots landed at the front door of the storage depot, led by the one called Megatron. Amicable at first, the encounter quickly turned for the worse when Megatron unleashed his full fury on the dockworkers and fled with that cycle's shipment of Energon.

When Dion awoke, he now was fully aware of what Megatron and the Decepticons were capable of, and having lost all that he had known, Dion decided to join the Elite Guard and now works to stop the Decepticons any way he can.

Prelude: Dion here is exclusive to the Official Transformers Collectors Club as a free incentive figure for 2010.

Robot Mode: Dion is an extensive repaint of Universe Hot Shot. Never owned that figure, and I have to say, this version is very good if not better. Posability is average, with lots of swivel joints, but some of that is hindered by a whole lot of kibble. His color scheme is nice, almost G2 in how bright the colors are, but look great regardless. The designers included many details, though a majority of them are sadly painted over. His face is nicely done, with expression and a visor that can slide down over it, and with the light piping gimmick, you can still see his actual face.

Weapon-wise he's got two missile launchers, which are either blue flames or a stream of water coming out. They can plug into the sides of his arms, or his fists, and his back, but more on that later. He's a member of the Elite Guard, with the insignia on his shoulder. All in all, a super figure, but sadly hindered by a lot of kibble.

Vehicle Mode: Dion transformers into a slick sports car, complete with two spoilers, large engine, and visible exhaust. What's pretty neat is that the Autobot insignia is like a racing stripe on the sides. The launchers can attach to the bottom, where they look like flaming (or watery) exhaust. There is one little thing wrong, though: you can clearly see Dion's fists through the windshield. Another thing I don't understand is why the side windows aren't also transparent? Just a minor thing. To sum it up, a spiffy vehicle mode with a few problems that could've been avoided.

Mini-Con: Dion's partner is Cop-Tur, named after the Go-Bot. He's bland, being mostly generic blue. Posability is average for a figure of his caliber, moving with legs that swing out, backwards, and forwards, but not independently. Additionally, his arms are double-jointed. On the bright side, he has a nicely sculpted noggin complete with expression. The helicopter looks like a rescue one, with little pontoon things, I think? He can be mounted on Dion's shoulder, in between his two spoilers in car form, and as a blade. Average Mini-Con, nothing spectacular.

Super Mode: Dion has a third mode of sorts, conceived by fans and so it's not official. It's essentially his back panels snapped off, clipped onto his hands, his visor flipped down, his launchers hooked onto his back where those troublesome panels were, and voila! You've got a jacked up Dion! I guess the back panels become cyber-slam fists or something. You can additionally clip Cop-Tur on as a blade. Pretty good for a configuration not intended. (Note: No pics of this mode are up yet).

Conclusion: Dion was featured in OTCC's 2010 serial comic, "The Coming Storm." He was injured during the infiltration of the Combaticons, engineered by Deathsaurus (if I understand correctly). Before this, he was a dockworker along with Orion Pax and Elita-1, but was extremely disfigured during a raid by Megatron. The Elite Guard found him, rebuilt him, and he joined them. Remember the episode of G1 (whose name escapes me) when Silverbolt and crew go back in time and see Optimus as Orion? The orange and blue bot with him and Elita that looked like Ironhide was Dion. His life was narrated by Sideburn in "Battlelines" trying to impersonate him to impress two female (and yes, red) robots. He was busted by Prowl, but that's another story. Anyway, a great figure with a terrific story to go along with it.

Final Rating: A-

Update 2011-06-07:
Found a pic of Dion's battle mode in the stash of pics sent to me by Starscream0625, see last pic in the gallery.
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