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Series: Prime First Edition
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2011

Prelude: This Deluxe-sized version of the Autobot leader from the Prime series uses the same mold as the San Diego Comic Con Optimus Prime and Arms Micron Orion Pax, both of them were reviewed here on TFU by my buddy Laserwave13. This is my first go at the figure though.

Robot Mode: What you have here is a Deluxe-sized likeness of the Optimus Prime we saw in the first two seasons of the Prime cartoon series. He doesn’t look quite as streamlined and nicely detailed as the larger versions of the toy, but overall he is easily recognizable, so no complaints on that front. For those who care: the chest windows are fakes, the ones from the truck mode are actually hidden inside the torso. The figure is nicely articulated and despite having a bit of a backpack, isn’t restricted in any way.

The one thing that stands out negatively here are the lower arms. Optimus has red forearms, made from parts of the truck, but instead of merely flipping out hands, he flips out hands attached to another bit of forearm, both coloured grey. This looks... off. The forearms are too long now and the transition from red to grey is pretty jarring. This is pretty much the only really negative thing about this figure.

For a weapon Optimus carries a big blaster that you slide over his hand, giving the illusion that it replaces / transforms out of his hand. No sword for this Prime, but the gun is nicely big and clunky, looking ready to blast all sorts of bad guys away. So bottom line: nicely done considering the scale, except for those extended forearms.

Alternate Mode: Unsurprisingly Optimus transforms into a mostly red truck, looking somewhat similar to the Peterbuilt trucks Movie Prime used, just without the flames and tuning. It’s a long-nosed truck and there are no signs of the robot hidden inside, unless you decide to mount his gun on the back. And... yeah, I really don’t know what else I can write here. It’s a red and blue truck. Looks good, no complaints.

Remarks: When Transformers Prime was first announced there was a rumour that there wouldn’t be a toyline to accompany the cartoon. Hogwash, naturally, and by the time the San Diego Comic Con 2011 came around we were treated to the first Prime figure, Optimus Prime, of course. Shortly afterwards the First Edition figures came out, 14 figures in all, which included all of three Decepticons... and four Optimus Primes. Yeah... look, I get that the series is called “Prime” and all, but still... four Optimus figures in a subseries of 14 figures total (or five out of 16 if you include the Japanese versions of the Voyager-class figures)? That’s a bit of overkill, don’t you think?

Anyway, this figure was available exclusively as part of the First Edition Entertainment Pack which included a Deluxe-sized Megatron and the three human kids Raf, Jake, and Miko (more on them in the Megatron review). The Entertainment Pack is worth getting for the superb Megatron figure and the kids, if you like them, but the Optimus figure is okay at best. The First Edition Voyager version is far superior and a better investment of your money if you aim to get a Prime Optimus for your collection.

Rating: C+
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