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Series: Alternators
Allegiance: Autobot
Year: 2005

Remarks: Wheeljack is a straight-up repaint of Binaltech Grimlock, the only thing that is new is the paintjob and the head. Wheeljack got a noggin' somewhat resembling that of the classic G1 Wheeljack, though the "ears" are angled up here. The paintjob is mostly white with blue stripes, which isn't really the classic Wheeljack color scheme. Apart from that, the figure is identical to Grimlock. It carries a sword and the engine block as a gun, transforms into a Mustang (complete with interior) and looks pretty cool. Though I have to say, not really like Wheeljack. So I can not in good conscience recommend it to Wheeljack fans, but only to Alternators / Binaltech fans, who wish to have the complete line-up.

Rating: B-


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