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Series: Botcon Exclusives
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe Convention Exclusive
Year: 2009

Where all others fail, I stand able to succeed.
A decisive leader who is never afraid to take action, he commands the instant respect and loyalty of every soldier he takes under his wings. With a razor sharp mind, and a reputation for rescuing troops under his command from disastrous situations, Thunderclash is considered an ideal mentor to initiate new recruits into the Autobot ranks. Determined that all of his work be marked with excellence, he encourages those who serve under him to become the best soldiers that they can be. Ever mindful of a looming civil war between Autobots and Decepticons, Thunderclash monitors the outer rim territories onboard his ship, the Eight Track, and frequently trains his crew for a possible Decepticon assault. When engaged in combat, his weapon of choice is a high-powered hand-held mortar capable of launching plasma shells a distance of up to 10 kilometers. In robot mode, his shoulder cannons will introduce any adversary in his way to his unique 12-missile-power defense system.

Robot Mode: Thunderclash is, of course, based on the G1 character of the same name, and his color scheme reflects that. At least in robot mode. Botcon Thunderclash has a more turquoise coloring where G1 Thunderclash is a light blue, but otherwise the two look pretty similar in robot mode, color-wise at least. I'm just a bit uncertain why they didn't paint Botcon Thunderclash's Autobot logo inside his own winged logo as it was in G1, but instead set it above it. Oh well.

Thunderclash's posability is average for a toy from the Energon line-up. In theory he's pretty much fully posable, but his huge legs and the wheeled shoulders restrict him somewhat. One thing I don't like at all here: Bending his legs forward at the waist causes his crotch plate to flip up, which looks funny. Also he's a bit misproportioned, again because of the huge legs. Overall, though, there is very little wrong with Thunderclash in terms of looks and posability.

Weapon-wise Thunderclash carries a big transparent-blue missile launcher. The comic also showed him capable of launching small missiles from the wheels on his shoulders. So firepower isn't an issue with him. And if you want some G1 nostalgic feelings, you can swivel his hand around and replace it with the afterburner from his vehicle mode, giving him a special-power-hand like in days of yore. So overall, when it comes to Thunderclash's robot mode: He could be better, but he isn't bad.

Alternate Mode: Thunderclash transforms into a long-nosed racing truck with afterburner engines on the back. There isn't a whole lot of resemblance to G1 Thunderclash in this mode. The two don't really look similar enough in truck mode (or have anything resembling a similar transformation pattern) to have matching paint jobs here, either. Still, as truck modes go Thunderclash looks pretty decent here. Both paint job and detailing are pretty good. Thunderclash's weapon can be mounted on the back of the truck, where it can fire just about every which way but directly forward. So all in all a pretty decent vehicle mode. No complaints.

Combiner Mode: Being a repaint of an Energon Powerlinx figure, Thunderclash can, of course, combine with other Powerlinx figures such as Energon Rodimus, either as an upper or a lower body. The Rodimus mold isn't the best when it comes to being a lower body, as this pretty much consists of just flipping his upper body back and leaving his lower body, as well as a huge rucksack. As an upper body, though, Thunderclash looks very good. The arms aren't exactly the most posable in the world, as the hip-joints-turned-shoulder-joints are rather restricted, but he looks great with the additional weapons (really his 'normal' arms) on his shoulders and a very muscular look overall. So if you want to powerlink Thunderclash, put him on top.

Remarks: Thunderclash was the leader of the very first Autobot Elite Guard unit in the Botcon comic book, being shown as an inspiring, charismatic authority figure. He didn't really do all that much during the fight, but he gave courage to his comrades and never lost hope.

I always had a soft spot for G1 Thunderclash for some reason, so I'm glad to see a homage to him. I'm not a hundred percent certain about the choice of Energon Rodimus, though. Both become trucks, but that's pretty much their only similarity. And while Energon Rodimus is certainly more posable than G1 Thunderclash ever was (which isn't hard), he is still a bit limited when compared to the other figures from the Wings of Honor set. Still, a nice figure, but to me the weakest of the set of five.

Rating: B-
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