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Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Voyager
Year: 2006

There's nothing Mudflap likes more than demolition. A Decepticon agent planted on Earth even before the arrival of the Autobots, he managed to disguise himself well enough to infiltrate the construction industry. He uses his position to see to it that the projects he works on ultimately fail, collapsing into their foundations, their load-bearing beams mysteriously cut through. Still, as much as he enjoys destroying construction projects, he's only too glad to join the fight once the Autobots arrive on Earth!

Robot Mode: In robot mode Mudflap manages to look both streamlined and lean as well as powerful and stocky at the same time. The details on him are pretty good, especially on the chest and the head. Posability is pretty good, too. The only slight flaw is that his feet aren't the most stable, but that's just a minor thing. Mudflap carries two weapons in robot mode, both activated by his Cyberkey. A missile launcher on his right arm flips forward to fire a single projectile. The left arm hosts the crane arm from his vehicle mode. Unextended it's pretty big already, but if you extend it and use the Cyberkey to flip out the green blade, it's about three times as long as Mudflap himself. Best bet is to flip out the blade, then shorten the crane arm again to make the thing more managable. All in all a good robot mode with some nice gimmicks, but nothing too spectacular.

Vehicle Mode: Mudflap transforms into a crane truck and looks pretty realistic in this mode. The crane can be turned a full 360 degrees and can extend to almost twice it's length (almost three times if you flip out the blade). The missile launcher can also be used in this mode, flipping forward across the cockpit. All in all a very decent vehicle mode, no complaints here.

Remarks: Mudflap in the cartoon was an Autobot who got frustrated with hiding on Earth and joined the Decepticons for a while, before his old buddy Landmine brought him back to the good guys. In the Japanese version he's called Demolisher, which wasn't a problem as Galaxy Force isn't suppossed to be a sequel to Armada/MicronLegends and Energon/Superlink. For the American version, which is suppossed to be one, he had to be given a different name, as Demolisher was used previously.

I picked up this toy on T-Day in Darmstadt, an event celebrating the launch of the cartoon and the toyline here in Germany, which I guess is mostly to get people psyched about the upcoming life action movie. Anyway, the figure is pretty good, if not spectacular, and gives the Decepticons some much-needed reinforcements. Worth getting.

Rating: B-

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