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Series: Binaltech
Allegiance: Cybertron
Year: 2004

Among the winners, there is no room for the weak.
Leading the Dinobots in frontline battles on Cybertron resulted in heavy damages to Grimlock's body, including the loss of his Dinobot alternate mode. Grimlock resolved to do whatever it took in order to get back on the battlefield and his way eventually led to Earth and the Binaltech Project. In accordance with his spirit a body of immense strength was selected and born was the ultimate BT soldier. Grimlock has chosen to fight through the upcoming battles with this new Autobot form.

Robot Mode: Grimlock's robot mode holds a strong resemblance to his G1 counterpart (or the G2 version for that matter), especially in the head. Of course there are differences, as this Grimlock clearly transforms into a car, not a dinosaur. Still, the designers did a good job of keeping the classic look, replacing old parts with similar-looking new parts. His old dinosaur-shell-wings are replaced by the car doors, the claws on his forearms by the tires, and so on. The colouring, red and grey, is also classic. Add his classic weapons, a sword and a double-barreled gun, and you have Grimlock. A Grimlock that is quite posable (though not quite so much as other Alternators / Binaltech toys), very massive due to the Binaltech metal parts, and with the classic "Me, Grimlock, bad ass!" look on his face. A great, great robot mode.

Vehicle Modes: Grimlock transforms into a grey Ford Mustang GT. I wasn't sure about Grimlock as a car, but if he does have to be a car they chose the right one. No sleek, sexy imports for Grimlock, no. Me, Grimlock, am Mustang, me am gas-guzzling, concrete-burning, roaring, wheeled monster. And he does look quite dashing. The detailing both on the in- and the outside is good, the only real complaint I have about the car mode is that the hood doesn't close fully. Or maybe that's just my version, I don't know.

Remarks: The Binaltech / Alternators line is bringing back lots of classic G1 characters, so of course Grimlock has to be a part of it. I'd have imagined him as a monster truck of some sort, but a Ford Mustang is a sound choice and the resulting toy does look quite good. One major flaw, though: The transformation process, especially around the upper body, is quite complicated and parts tend to pop off while you're doing it. I've heard this complaint from others, too, so it seems to be a general problem with this mold. I haven't been able to transform him yet without the arms and doors popping off. They are easily snapped back on, but it's still a major flaw. I think I'll leave him in robot mode, because he is a very good robot in this mode.

Rating: B


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