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Series: Alternators
Allegiance: Decepticon
Year: 2005

This high-ranking Decepticon is second in power only to Megatron, but his actions are ruled by strict logic, not ambition. His body was destroyed during the chaos created by the changes in Cybertron's history, but he was restored to life by Battle Ravage in order to reorganise the scattered, weakened Decepticon forces remaining on the transfigured world as their new leader. He can manipulate all electromagnetic wavelengths, firing them from his left arm as various energy weapons. His side-mounted jets also allow him the ability to fly and to see interplanetary distances. He can also project up to five holographic replicas of himself at any coordinates on the planet.

Remarks: Shockblast is a remold of Alternators Jazz / Binaltech Meister, so this review here will just focus on the differences. Aside from his traditional purple colours, Shockblast also scored a new head and his classic gun in place of his left hand. The head is pure G1 Shockwave with the cyclops eye and everything. The gun hand is pretty well-made and actually articulate at the wrist. Apart from that Shockblast is a typical Alternator all the way, nicely made, posable, the works. A little side note: His license plate in car mode actually reads "SHKWAV", not "SHKBLST", a reference to the name the character was originally known by before Hasbro lost the rights to it. So bottom line, despite being 'merely' a remold, Shockblast is one of the better Alternators and well worth getting, even if you already own a Jazz/Meister.

Rating: A-


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