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Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Scout
Year: 2005

Impatient and short-tempered, Swerve is a robot whose processors run so hot he was forced to install a backup exhaust system just to compensate for the excess heat. After his suspension from official races for poor sportsmanship, he found himself in the seedy underground oil-sport racing circuit. There, running races which the last robot standing is declared victor, he's finally found an outlet for his temper, and a use for his lightning fast reflexes and sharp-shooting skills.

Remarks: Swerve is a repaint of Cybertron Clocker, whom I have previously reviewed. It’s been over 5 years, though, so we can give this mold another go, I think.

Robot Mode: Swerve is a Scout-class figure and about as articulated an detailed as you can expect at this size. He can easily pull off a number of poses, can turn his head, and manages to incorporate not just one but two different gimmicks into his rather small frame without the figure itself suffering for it. He has nice detailing and the mainly red and white paintjob suits him fine as well.

Like all Cybertron figures he has a Cyberkey gimmick. Entering the Cyberkey into his weapon causes the sides of the weapon module to snap up, turning a rather flat square-shaped weapon into a somewhat more brick-shaped weapon. The actual weapon barrels can flip out in either configuration, so it doesn’t really make that much sense, but it doesn’t hurt the figure, either. Additionally Swerve can swing the big triple exhaust pipes on his arms forward, where you can imagine them as either additional firearms or big honking claws.

Not much else I can say here. Swerve is definitely one of the better robots in this size class, though he lacks that certain something to be truly excellent. Still, thumbs up for the robot mode.

Alternate Mode: Swerve transforms into an open-top futuristic race car. The big triple exhaust pipes from the robot mode's arms are now on either side and they can swing forward for a kind of weapon-mode here, too. The Cyberkey gimmick works as well, of course, though in this case you actually do need to activate it, otherwise you can't flip out the weapon barrels. The car also features a bit of cockpit interior, a very nicely done Autobot logo across the entire hood, and nice detailing overall. So bottom line: a very nice car mode. 'Nuff said.

Remarks: Swerve might be better known as the eternal red repaint. Whenever a car Transformer is to be repainted and no one can think of anything better, you paint it red and call it Swerve. It happened in Generation 1Revenge of the Fallen, Universe, Alternators, and Cybertron, too, of course. Swerve seems forever stuck being the repaint-guy (not counting the infamous Chevy Aveo Swerve).

The Clocker mold has been reused several times, both in the Movie line and for Botcon exclusives. Personally I can only compare him to the original Clocker and I like Swerve’s paint job much better, though that is purely subjective, of course. So overall: still one of the best figures in this size class and well worth getting at least one version of.

Rating: B+

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