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Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Autobot Hero
Year: 1986

Collect and Save! Collect and Save!
Wreck-Gar leads the Junkions, a race of junk robots. He's made of rusted scraps, chassis bits, manifold parts and dented odds and ends. A little scatterbrained, he speaks in odd-rhyming, pieced-together sentences. His words are a junkyard collection of broadcast fragments from TV commercials and radio jingles. In robot mode he carries an armor axe and a decelerator laser that inhibits an enemy robot's flow of cerebral impulses.

Robot Mode: Wreck-Gar closely resembles his cartoon character in robot mode, the only thing missing is his beard, which is only barely hinted at on the figure's face. He has decent posability and comes with ax and shield (and usually a gun, which I'm missing). All in all a good robot mode for the time.

Alternate Mode: Wreck-Gar's vehicle mode is a motorcycle, good but nothing special. The front wheel is the shield he uses in robot mode and the transformation is not too difficult. Seeing as Wreck-Gar barely used his alternate mode in the cartoon there are not a lot of references for comparison. You'll probably buy this toy for the resemblance to cartoon Wreck-Gar, not because of his cycle mode.

Missing Parts: Wreck-Gar is missing his laser gun.

Remarks: Wreck-Gar was one of the most prominent characters in the third season of the G1 cartoon and definitely one of the funniest. The leader of a tribe of Autobots whose entire culture grew out of Earth TV programs, Wreck-Gar's speech (supplied by the voice of Eric Idle in the Movie) was an odd collection of pop culture references, commercial one-liners, and jingles. Funny as hell. As a toy Wreck-Gar certainly isn't a revolution or anything, but he's a decent-enough toy with a good alternate mode and posability. Fitting in with the other Season 3 G1 toys, he's a good addition to my collection.

Rating: C+
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