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Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Predator
Year: 1992

Fear? What's fear? It's all fun to me.
The crazy loner. He simply has no fear. Doesn't care if he lives or dies, but enjoys the thrill while he's here. Infinitely dangerous in his capacity as scout and troubleshooter. As plane, is lethal with streamlining and extra sight power of the Megavisor system. As robot attacks with hand-held missile power.

Robot Modes: Snare is a pretty standard jet Transformer with the nose and cockpit of the jet on his chest and the jet's wings on his back. The configuration breaks the standard a bit because the forward-swept wings are set pretty low on his body, about hip-level, giving him a bit of an usual look. Snare's posability is average for a figure from that time, meaning... not much. He can swivel his arms at the shoulders. That's it.

As a weapon Snare carries the standard golden-brown missile launcher all Predators have, which can fire green missiles that he can also store on his wings. What's a bit strange is that the weapon, when loaded, is too long for Snare to point straight down. Just something that bugged me for some reason. Still, Snare's one good-looking Decepticon, even if you really can't do much with him. For his time, a good, if unspectacular robot mode.

Alternate Mode: Snare transforms into a Grumman X-29 fighter jet, the first supersonic jet with forward-swept wings. I'm a big fan of jets with forward-swept wings and Snare looks pretty good here. The jet isn't that high on realism, as you can see the robot arms under the wings, but I still like its look. It also features a working landing gear and you can mount Snare's missile launcher underneath for additional fire power. So all in all a solid, good-looking jet mode.

Remarks: After the Transformers were cancelled in the US in 1991, the series continued on in Europe for another two years, bringing out new figures never seen across the pond. The main Decepticon bad guys were now called Predators and features mostly jet Transformers, fighting against the land-based Turbomasters. Snare was among them. He never did feature in any cartoon and only had a very small appearance in a toy catalogue comic. As a toy Snare is far from spectacular, but to me he's the best-looking of the Predator jets (at least among those I own so far). So for a 1992 toy (a year not exactly renowned for its brilliant Transformers toys) he's definitely above average.

Rating: B-
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