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Series: Universe
Subline: Robot Heroes - Beast Wars Series
Year: 2009

Description: I've recently learned that this package of Beast Wars Inferno and Tigatron seems to be rather rare in the United States, which is strange because here in Germany there are currently dozens of them on the shelves. Another strange aspect of toy distribution in the global age. Well, that's just the way it is. Maybe Germany's export business will boom once more now.

Inferno is among my favourite characters from Beast Wars, the crazy worker ant that got away with calling Megatron "My Queen" all the time and loved to burn things. The Robot Heroes version captured him quite nicely, including his flamethrower and the spinning turbine on his ass. Add the head with the manic grin and you have pretty perfect Inferno in pint size. Very nice.

That Tigatron is a repaint of Robot Heroes Cheetor is hardly a surprise, seeing as the original figures were repaints of each other as well. It does give Tigatron a somewhat cheerier expression than the one he usually carried, but whatever. Oh, and where Cheetor has smoke and flames at his feet (he's really fast, you know), Tigatron has... brown stuff. Dirt maybe. I don't know. Anyway, still a nice figure. So all in all a superb package, though I bought it more because of Inferno than Tigatron.

Rating: A
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