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Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Maximal
Categories: Basic Transmetal 2
Year: 1999

Due to Megatron's rash cloning experiments, the Maximals are joined by another new ally. Optimus Minor is a cybernetically-enhanced monkey with unparalleled speed and agility. Possessing superior balance and climbing abilities, this highly intelligent cyber-primate must learn to control his hostile instincts - a side effect of Megatron's experiments and a ferocious advantage in battle. The Predacons learned quickly that Optimus Minor's presence is no laughing matter.

Robot Mode: Oh, just forget about it! Robot mode? Ape mode? There really is no telling which is which and both look terrible. Posability is okay, but that is this figure's only redeeming quality. Optimus Minor is ugly, doesn't offer any kind of fun, and giving it the Optimus name is just plain insulting.

Beast Mode: Do you split the arms apart in ape or in robot mode? Ah, who cares! This figure just plain sucks!

Remarks: Whoever got the idea to make this figure hopefully got their asses fired! And whatever possessed me to buy him, even as cheap as I did as part of a larger figure sortiment, better hope I never find it. God, this figure is aweful. Why do I waste the disk space to put up a review? To warn others! Stay away from this figure!

Rating: F
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