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Series: Generation 1 E-Hobby Exclusive
Allegiance: Cybertron
Year: 2002

Road Rage is the bodyguard and advisor of Cybertron ambassador Crosscut. She is well-versed in alien cultures and generally cheerful, making her a very good diplomat. However, a chronic short-out in her vehicle mode causes her to live up to her name; in car mode, she is a snarling, swerving speed machine with little regard--if not utter contempt--for anyone else on the road with her. This is pretty embarrassing for her once she reverts to robot mode.
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Remarks: Many thanks to fellow TF-Fan Tracks, who supplied the pictures of Road Rage for this review. And given that Road Rage is merely a red repaint of G1 Tracks, I'll just write a few words on the differences. The red paint job actually has a bit of a history as these are the original colors of the pre-Transformers Diaclone version of the mold and in the early days of the Transformers Europe also saw Tracks released in red versions from Milton Bradley (probably repackaged Diaclone remnants). In 2002 Road Rage was releases via the E-Hobby store in a two-pack with Crosscut (a repaint of G1 Skids), which began the trend of E-Hobby releasing repaints of G1 figures as new characters. Apart from the new (or old, depending on your point of view) paint job nothing has changed, still an excellent G1 figure with no flaws except those shared by all the toys from that era.

Road Rage's only in-media appearance so far was in the pages of the Transformers Collectors Club magazine in a story set in the Wings of Honor universe, where she hung out in a bar and listened to Sideburn spinning some tall tales. She later gave him a disgusted look when the gig was up. That was it for her so far, though. But seeing as Crosscut is currently appearing in the More Than Meets the Eye comics from IDW, maybe we'll see Road Rage turn up there as well. We'll see. Anyway, being an E-Hobby exclusive, Road Rage doesn't come cheap. But she is a nice figure and probably easier to get than a vintage red Diaclone Tracks, too. Recommended to G1 fans.

Rating: B+
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